Why everyone should try a threesome

Threesomes are a subject many people frown upon and claim they would never engage in. But what they don’t know is that those who take part say it brings numerous benefits for both women and men.

Everyone should try a threesome at some point in their lifetime. Whether you’re looking to spice up your sex life, or simply love the fantasy, here’s three reasons why you should arrange a threesome with Clique Lifestyle.

Improve your sexual self esteem

We all have our own issues with some part of our body. Some overweight, others feel they’re not ‘big enough’. But did you know that swinging can help improve your sexual self-esteem? 

The Mirrorclaims that women who take part in threesomes are more likely to have higher levels of self-esteem. Threesomes are a great way to build up your confidence as you’ll experience the feeling of being desired from a number of people. What’s more, women who swing are more likely to experience multiple orgasms than those who practice monogamy – which is sure to send your confidence skyrocketing!

Get to know more about your sexuality.

According to the Huffington Post, many men are afraid to try threesomes as they are concerned about appearing ‘queer’. But the reality is, threesomes are a great way to get to know more about your sexuality. More men than ever are taking part in threesomes as it opens up a new world of pleasure you’ve never before experienced.

Just have fun.

Having a threesome isn’t the degrading act most people assume it to be. Threesomes involve women taking control of their sexuality and desire to have the type of sex they enjoy! 

With hook-ups becoming easier, many couples are now joining an adult lifestyle networklike Clique Lifestyle to indulge their fantasy. At Clique Lifestyle, we provide a secure swinging network for women who wish to arrange threesomes in a safe and secure environment.

For more tips on how wife swapping can improve your relationship, check out our blog for more information. For those ready to get into the swing of sexual fluidity, sign up to Clique Lifestyle and arrange a threesome today!