How Wife Swapping Can Improve Your Relationship

According to NBC, 15% of couples have experienced swinging, with the majority taking part in couple swaps. The term known as ‘Wife Swapping’ makes up a large component of the swinging community. But despite this, it can get a reputation for being seedy or immoral from outsiders.

Clique Lifestyle, adult social network, works to dispel the myths surrounding the community by providing a safe and secure platform for individuals to chat and meet with other members. With this in mind, here are three ways that swinging can improve your relationship.

Increases Trust.

It takes a lot of trust to embrace the lifestyle, but did you know that wife swapping can increase trust levels between married couples? Wife swapping arrangements are successful when all members of the group are secure in their relationship. This means that patience and communication between a couple is more likely to grow the more that they swap.

Greater Marital Satisfaction.

It’s not uncommon for relationships to start feeling repetitive over time. Being involved in the lifestyle can help keep the woes of marriage at bay; with wife swapping opening up a whole realm of possibilities. Without feeling sexually constrained by a supportive and willing spouse, many couples report having greater satisfaction in their relationship.

Fulfil Your Fantasies.

When swinging; voyeurism, threesomes, foursomes or more are just some of the fantasies that can be fulfilled. Those with fetishes can seek out like minded couples that share the same curiosities. What’s more, is that couples can even learn new techniques and discover desires they never even knew they had.

For couples seeking couples, wife swapping can be incredibly beneficial to your relationship. But finding the right adult lifestyle network for you can be difficult.

At Clique Lifestyle, we provide a boutique network for adults interested in swinging. We offer a platform for sexually liberated couples and singles from various countries all over the world to ensure everyone can get a taste for the finer things in life.

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The Benefits of Swapping Partners with Older Couples

In the lifestyle, there are of course older couples seeking couples to spice up their sex life.

Unfortunately, older couples aren’t the 20-year-old blond haired fantasy. However, that doesn’t mean swapping with a mature pair doesn’t have its benefits.

With this in mind, here are three benefits to swapping with an older pair with Clique Lifestyle, adult social network.

More Experienced

With age comes experience. Older couples will always have more sexual experience than younger couples; which makes the swinging experience even more exciting! Whether you’re married or just starting out in your relationship, swinging is the perfect avenue to experiment with different erotic fantasies; and what’s better than indulging those with people who know exactly what they’re doing?

Less Drama

While people may fantasise about swinging with a younger couple, most people in the lifestyle claim it’s easier to swinger with older couples than younger. This is because the older couples usually have fewer worries and less drama.

Less Jealousy

According to Psychology Today, swingers are mentally healthier than their monogamous peers. When swapping with an older couple, there is typically little to no aura of jealousy between them. They are more likely to be experienced swingers who have a stronger understanding of how it works and are more likely to openly communicate with you and each other throughout the swap.

When it comes to either couples seeking couples or a single looking for a couple, finding people that you click is really important. At Clique Lifestyle, Lifestyle Network, we actively encourage sexually liberated couples and individuals to enjoy the lifestyle to the fullest. A great way to do this is by including an array of ages when choosing partners to help you explore your own sexuality and desires.

Clique Lifestyle provide a social networking site for adults. The platform caters for elite swinger couples, who wish to chat and meet up with other couples seeking couples in the community.

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Swinging Lifestyle: How to Find A Unicorn

A big misconception that surrounds adult social network and the swinger’s community is that it’s just couples seeking couples. In reality, people of all ages, backgrounds and relationship statuses are members of the lifestyle. For some, it’s the fantasy of a unicorn that drives them.

If you’re wondering what a unicorn is – we can assure you it’s not a mythical horse that our members are looking for! A unicorn is typically a young attractive woman who is member of the lifestyle. Whilst it’s a popular fantasy for couples, finding the elusive unicorn who also gels well with you and your significant other can be difficult.

HuffPost recently explained that the swinging community can be fun for everyone, provided they follow the rules. With this in mind, here’s three tips Clique Lifestyle, adult social network, believes everyone should know about finding, and sealing the deal with, a unicorn.

Be Down To Earth

Before you approach a unicorn, it’s important to think before you speak. A major problem in the community is unicorns feeling hounded and receiving inappropriate messages. It goes without saying that, these women are people too and sending unnecessary messages without any invitation can result in you being blacklisted. Strike up a conversation and listen and learn about them. Many unicorns feel more comfortable meeting up with someone they have a connection with; so just be yourself!

Attend a Lifestyle Event

Swinging events attract all types of people, including unicorns! If you’re looking to meet and hopefully sleep with a unicorn, attending a lifestyle event is the easiest way without necessarily establishing a connection. Although manners and consent still ALWAYS apply.

Use an Adult Social Network

Finding a unicorn that matches your sexual desires has never been easier. By signing up to an adult social network site like Clique Lifestyle, you’ll be able to find the right woman for you or your couple.

At Clique Lifestyle, we provide an adult’s only social network for sexually liberated adults across the world. Our platform offers a safe and secure Lifestyle Network for people to come together, discuss swinging and arrange meetups.

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How to Safely Arrange a Meetup

Whether you’re a couple seeking couples or an elusive unicorn, arranging a meet up with someone in the lifestyle community can be exciting and terrifying all at the same time. There’s many ways to arrange a meetup, from using a lifestyle network to visting a sex party. But while it’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of swinging, it’s important swing with safety in mind.

Here’s three tips Clique Lifestyle, adult lifestyle network, believes every first-time swinger should know when safely arranging a meet up.

Understand What You Want

According to the Daily Mail, communication is the key to success in all types of relationships. The first rule of swinging is to understand what you want. It’s important to know exactly what it is you want before you go out and arrange a meet up. Ask yourself what you’re looking for and what you hope to achieve from swinging before looking for others. That way, you can establish boundaries and ensure you’re fully in control of yourself in any future situations.

Set Boundaries

Once you’ve found your chosen adult social network, it’s time to start chatting to other members of the lifestyle. But when it comes to swinging, personal boundaries are vital. If you don’t feel comfortable with the way a conversation is going or simply aren’t interested in a couple or individual, then move on. Your safety and wellbeing should always come first. By the same token, if someone isn’t into you; don’t be persistent.

Preparation is Key

You’ve finally found the right people to swing with, now all that’s left to do is meet up! Before you make any concrete plans, remember to try and meet somewhere that is completely neutral. Going for drinks at a bar or grabbing coffee is a great way to break the ice and meet without the worry of anything going wrong. Just relax and enjoy getting to know new people!

The Right Lifestyle Network

Safely arranging a meet up with a couple or liberated individual has never been easier. But knowing which website or app to find them through can be difficult. Not all platforms are trustworthy so make sure that you check which one is right for you.

At Clique Lifestyle, Adult Swinging Network, we cater for sexually liberated adults across the world. We provide an adult’s only lifestyle network that allows members of the lifestyle to arrange meet ups in a safe and secure environment.

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How to Get Into The Lifestyle

As HuffPost recently stated “Swinging is Back!”

Monogamy is often the go-to option for many couples when it comes to relationships. But at a time where sexual fluidity is embraced, more people are looking to swinging as a way to spice up their sex life.

But embarking on a swinger’s lifestyle isn’t as simple as finding an adult hook-up on tinder. CliqueLifestyle, an adult social network, reveals how to get started with this lifestyle change and what couples should consider before they take the plunge.

Talk with Your Partner

Having a discussion with your partner about swinging is the first step to discovering if it’s the right choice for your relationship. It’s vital that you communicate to ensure you aren’t rushing into something without understanding your personal boundaries.

Do Your Research

Swinging can mean different things to different people. Before you start searching for a third, make sure to do your research. Visiting swinger forums or engaging in conversations with other swingers is a great way to get an idea of any expectations and problems that may occur.

Set Some Rules

Boundaries and communication are extremely important in swinging. Rules can make you feel safe and strengthen the trust between couples. Remember, swinging is a joint effort; whether it’s simply for pleasure or to improve a relationship. If one is more enthused than the other – don’t do it!

Join a Lifestyle Network

Starting the swinging lifestyle has never been easier. Attending a hosted party or club is a more natural way to jump into the swinging community. Exclusive parties are most likely hosted in your area and can easily be found on almost every social media network available. 

The easiest way to become a part of the swinging community, is to join a lifestyle network such as CliqueLifestyle. CliqueLifestyle is a boutique lifestyle network that caters for sexually liberated adults. As a lifestyle club, we provide an adult’s only social media network that allows people to discuss swinging and find other members to hook up with.

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