Four Myths About The Lifestyle

Whilst it’s often demonised in the media, sex positive open relationships are often incredibly beneficial to a relationship. Despite the overwhelming evidence that swingers have happy and healthy sex lives, there are still a number of misconceptions about swingers and adult lifestyle network.

With this in mind, Clique Lifestyle discuss and debunk the top four myths about the sexually liberated, swinging community.

Not All Swingers Are Older Couples

When people think of swingers, many imagine older couples looking to spice up their mundane sex life after 35 years of monogamous sex. But that just isn’t the case. The reality is platforms like ours, who attract the more elite spectrum of users, vary in age and body type, with many members of the lifestyle being single 30 somethings or attractive couples!

Swinging Isn’t Just Couple Swapping

Another myth about swinging is that it’s all about couples seeking couples. However, the lifestyle is much more diverse than couple swaps. From threesomes to sex parties and everything in-between, the lifestyle has something to offer to everyone; whatever your sexual preference may be.

Not Everyone Has Sex at Swinger Parties

Sex parties are common within the community, but a frequent myth is that everyone who attends will take part in sexual activity. Not everyone who attends a swinger party will have sex. In fact, some people go simply to watch or to network with other members of the lifestyle. It’s not always all play!

Swinging Is Very Common

While it may seem secretive, swinging is more common than you think. According to The Mirror, there are an estimated one million swingers in the UK and millions more around the world. What’s more, more than 100,000 Brits are estimated to use an adult lifestyle network every day to help arrange meet-ups and discuss the Lifestyle.

Joining The Lifestyle

Signing up to an adult lifestyle network is the best way to take part in some fun and attend swinging events! At Clique Lifestyle, we provide a secure space for swingers from around the world to meet and interact. Our platform is built with the safety of our members in mind; to ensure their experience with the community is a pleasurable one.

If you’re ready to become part of the lifestyle, or just see what it’s all about; sign up to Clique Lifestyle today for either a free or paid membership.