What To Expect At Your First Swinger Party

Attending a swinger party is a great way to jump into the lifestyle. Whether you are into threesomes, foursomes or simply love the idea of an orgy, sex parties provide something for everyone.

According to the Daily Star, sex parties are becoming increasingly popular. Whether you are considering trying a sex party or about to attend your first, here’s four things you’ll need to know so you can participate in some swinger fun!

Phones Are Barred

While it might be tempting to take a sneaky bathroom selfie, you might want to reconsider this. Nearly all sex parties have strict rules forbidding phones and photography at the events. This is to ensure the safety and privacy of all guests involved. If you do have to bring your phone, make sure to keep it in your pants (wherever they may end up!).

Men Come With Conditions

Sex parties’ attendees are usually couples seeking couples or singles to play with. However, while women will usually have no problem in gaining access to a swinger party, men come with some conditions. Heterosexual parties will often forbid single men from attending alone. If they do bring someone, many events require you to stay with each other until the end of the night.

Bring Your Own Booze

Operating a sex party can be difficult, without attempting to get a liquor license. That’s why most lifestyle clubs often run on a BYOB (bring your own booze) basis. But while it might be tempting to take a shot of liquid courage to calm your nerves, be careful! Try to stick to a limit to avoid any embarrassing moments or choices you may later regret.

Strict Dress Code

Just like any other event, swing clubs have a dress code. Whether it’s fun costumes or black tie, it’s important to stick to the dress code to avoid being asked to leave. Some swinger parties will put a lot of emphasis on how women should dress, including skimpy and sexy attire to attract the attention of men. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, keep searching until you find one that resonates with you.

One way to find sex parties is through a swinger’s network. At Clique Lifestyle, we offer an adult lifestyle network for the sexually liberated. Our platform enables other likeminded individuals to chat and arrange swinger parties across the world; without fear of judgement.

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Swinger Party Tips: Why You Should Screen Your Guests

Nothing says you are sexually liberated quite like hosting a swinger party. Sex parties are a great way to meet like-minded individuals while having some fun along the way. But before you start inviting people to your party, it’s important to screen any potential guests.

According Vice, screening guests is essential to ensuring your event goes off without a hitch. Without this, you could put yourself at risk of dangerous situations; both physically and financially. With this in mind, here is why Clique Lifestyle, Lifestyle Network, believes you should screen your guests and how you can avoid a risky situation.

Professional Event

A sex party that uses a screening process before sending out an invitation paints a positive image of the event. Each person who attends your event must be a real person, with a real job, phone number and home address. Those who refuse to comply are not the people you want at a sex event. As a result, having a screening process shows that you care about the wellbeing of your guests, by being professional about safety before the main event.

Keep Away Time-Wasters

When it comes to arranging a swinger party, there’s nothing worse than inviting people who turn out to be time wasters. It’s not uncommon for guests to not show up, or attend looking nothing like their pictures. By screening your guests, you’ll be able to weed out any time-wasters and get the right people into your event.

Avoid Violent Behaviour

Unfortunately, not every potential guest will be a pleasure. When hosting a sex party, it’s vital to be careful when inviting guests. Checking their backgrounds or getting referrals from other swingers is a great way to check for violent behaviour and avoid any incidents

At Clique Lifestyle, adult lifestyle network, we don’t just provide a safe and secure platform for couples seeking couples or threesomes. Our adult social network allows swingers from around the world to safely arrange sex parties by establishing trustworthy connections with sexually liberated individuals.

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Why You Need to Try Group Sex

Sex isn’t just for two people who want to show their affection through physical contact. Finding group sex on an adult social network can provide immense pleasure to all individuals involved and can even make physical intimacy more exciting.

There are many myths surrounding group sex and the lifestyle community; which can make trying something new feel quite daunting. However, moresomes are awesome; according to The Sun. Group sex is extremely liberating and has a variety of benefits that both couples and singles can enjoy! With this in mind, Clique Lifestyle, an adult social network, reveals the top three reasons why you need to try group sex.

A Variety of Options

Group sex offers a huge variety of options for the open minded. For people looking to meet people online, Clique Lifestyle offers the opportunity to talk to a huge variety of like-minded individuals. Once immersed in the online platform you will quickly notice that there is a form of group sex to suit your specific desires. Whether you’re looking for daisy chains, threesomes or orgies, group sex offers something for everyone.

Explore Your Sexual Fantasies

Group sex allows you to explore kinks you wouldn’t be able to do with just your partner. If you’re a couple seeking couples, group sex provides you with an opportunity to explore swinger fun with the consent and support of your partner. Group sex is a great way to expand your sexual horizons and spice up your sex life. Not only will you learn more about your own desires; but you’ll learn something new about your partner too.

Body Confidence

Group sex has the same effect as a little black dress or a new hairstyle; your confidence will soar. While it’s shrouded in taboo, taking part in threesomes and foursomes will make you feel more sexually confident about yourself. Not only will this help with your self-confidence issues, but it will also help strengthen your relationship and communication with a participating partner.

Group sex is a great way to meet new, like-minded people. However, finding those who are willing to participate in a unique experience can be challenging. At Clique Lifestyle, we work to dispel the myths surrounding the swinger’s community. We provide a boutique adult lifestyle network to help swingers meet and interact with other sexually liberated individuals in the lifestyle community.

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Swinging Lifestyle: How to Find A Unicorn

A big misconception that surrounds adult social network and the swinger’s community is that it’s just couples seeking couples. In reality, people of all ages, backgrounds and relationship statuses are members of the lifestyle. For some, it’s the fantasy of a unicorn that drives them.

If you’re wondering what a unicorn is – we can assure you it’s not a mythical horse that our members are looking for! A unicorn is typically a young attractive woman who is member of the lifestyle. Whilst it’s a popular fantasy for couples, finding the elusive unicorn who also gels well with you and your significant other can be difficult.

HuffPost recently explained that the swinging community can be fun for everyone, provided they follow the rules. With this in mind, here’s three tips Clique Lifestyle, adult social network, believes everyone should know about finding, and sealing the deal with, a unicorn.

Be Down To Earth

Before you approach a unicorn, it’s important to think before you speak. A major problem in the community is unicorns feeling hounded and receiving inappropriate messages. It goes without saying that, these women are people too and sending unnecessary messages without any invitation can result in you being blacklisted. Strike up a conversation and listen and learn about them. Many unicorns feel more comfortable meeting up with someone they have a connection with; so just be yourself!

Attend a Lifestyle Event

Swinging events attract all types of people, including unicorns! If you’re looking to meet and hopefully sleep with a unicorn, attending a lifestyle event is the easiest way without necessarily establishing a connection. Although manners and consent still ALWAYS apply.

Use an Adult Social Network

Finding a unicorn that matches your sexual desires has never been easier. By signing up to an adult social network site like Clique Lifestyle, you’ll be able to find the right woman for you or your couple.

At Clique Lifestyle, we provide an adult’s only social network for sexually liberated adults across the world. Our platform offers a safe and secure Lifestyle Network for people to come together, discuss swinging and arrange meetups.

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How to Safely Arrange a Meetup

Whether you’re a couple seeking couples or an elusive unicorn, arranging a meet up with someone in the lifestyle community can be exciting and terrifying all at the same time. There’s many ways to arrange a meetup, from using a lifestyle network to visting a sex party. But while it’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of swinging, it’s important swing with safety in mind.

Here’s three tips Clique Lifestyle, adult lifestyle network, believes every first-time swinger should know when safely arranging a meet up.

Understand What You Want

According to the Daily Mail, communication is the key to success in all types of relationships. The first rule of swinging is to understand what you want. It’s important to know exactly what it is you want before you go out and arrange a meet up. Ask yourself what you’re looking for and what you hope to achieve from swinging before looking for others. That way, you can establish boundaries and ensure you’re fully in control of yourself in any future situations.

Set Boundaries

Once you’ve found your chosen adult social network, it’s time to start chatting to other members of the lifestyle. But when it comes to swinging, personal boundaries are vital. If you don’t feel comfortable with the way a conversation is going or simply aren’t interested in a couple or individual, then move on. Your safety and wellbeing should always come first. By the same token, if someone isn’t into you; don’t be persistent.

Preparation is Key

You’ve finally found the right people to swing with, now all that’s left to do is meet up! Before you make any concrete plans, remember to try and meet somewhere that is completely neutral. Going for drinks at a bar or grabbing coffee is a great way to break the ice and meet without the worry of anything going wrong. Just relax and enjoy getting to know new people!

The Right Lifestyle Network

Safely arranging a meet up with a couple or liberated individual has never been easier. But knowing which website or app to find them through can be difficult. Not all platforms are trustworthy so make sure that you check which one is right for you.

At Clique Lifestyle, Adult Swinging Network, we cater for sexually liberated adults across the world. We provide an adult’s only lifestyle network that allows members of the lifestyle to arrange meet ups in a safe and secure environment.

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