How to Get Into The Lifestyle

As HuffPost recently stated “Swinging is Back!”

Monogamy is often the go-to option for many couples when it comes to relationships. But at a time where sexual fluidity is embraced, more people are looking to swinging as a way to spice up their sex life.

But embarking on a swinger’s lifestyle isn’t as simple as finding an adult hook-up on tinder. CliqueLifestyle, an adult social network, reveals how to get started with this lifestyle change and what couples should consider before they take the plunge.

Talk with Your Partner

Having a discussion with your partner about swinging is the first step to discovering if it’s the right choice for your relationship. It’s vital that you communicate to ensure you aren’t rushing into something without understanding your personal boundaries.

Do Your Research

Swinging can mean different things to different people. Before you start searching for a third, make sure to do your research. Visiting swinger forums or engaging in conversations with other swingers is a great way to get an idea of any expectations and problems that may occur.

Set Some Rules

Boundaries and communication are extremely important in swinging. Rules can make you feel safe and strengthen the trust between couples. Remember, swinging is a joint effort; whether it’s simply for pleasure or to improve a relationship. If one is more enthused than the other – don’t do it!

Join a Lifestyle Network

Starting the swinging lifestyle has never been easier. Attending a hosted party or club is a more natural way to jump into the swinging community. Exclusive parties are most likely hosted in your area and can easily be found on almost every social media network available. 

The easiest way to become a part of the swinging community, is to join a lifestyle network such as CliqueLifestyle. CliqueLifestyle is a boutique lifestyle network that caters for sexually liberated adults. As a lifestyle club, we provide an adult’s only social media network that allows people to discuss swinging and find other members to hook up with.

For more information about our adult lifestyle network, sign up to Clique Lifestyle today.

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